❅ send me a christmas question ❅

  • Gingerbread:

    Do you like tea?

  • Tinsel:

    What perfume/cologne do you wear?

  • Ribbon:

    What's a book that had a strong impact on you?

  • Holly:

    Who was the last person you sent a letter to?

  • North Pole:

    What in your life are you most grateful for?

  • Christmas Carole:

    Would you change your name if you could?

  • Santa:

    What's your favorite month?

  • Noell:

    At a movie theature, which armrest is yours?

  • Rudolf:

    What's a band a family member introduced you to?

  • Candy Cane:

    Can you make paper snowflakes?

  • Eggnog:

    What was the name of your first stuffed animal?

  • Mrs. Clause:

    Have you ever been on a boat in the ocean?

  • Ice:

    Would you rather be overdressed or underdressed at every party?

  • Hot Cocoa:

    What's your favorite thing about yourself?

  • Reindeer:

    What is your spirit animal?

  • Yule Log:

    Least favorite vegetable?

  • Stocking:

    What color are your socks right now?

  • Elf:

    If you had unlimited money to one shop, which shop would it be?

  • Wreath:

    Are you allergic to anything?

  • Cookies:

    Top three favorite bands?

  • Toys:

    Do you want children?

  • Sleigh Bells:

    Can you whistle?

  • Snowman:

    Do you like accents?

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